Concrete Colour Dye Vibra Stain 236ml

£32.50 ex. vat

£39.00 inc. vat


Euclid Vibrastain SB dyes are manufactured from blends of concentrated powdered-metallic dyes and are formulated for dilution with acetone. Vibrastain SB is designed to create logos and designs on concrete, which will later be polished with liquid hardeners. We recommend using a spray gun or Preval Spray Bottle to apply this product. Full details of use will be provided upon purchase. Available in a wide range of colours.

The colours shown are approximations of Vibramix dyes in a typical concrete, using mid grey Portland cement and having an as-cast surface. The final colour will always be affected by a wide range of factors. We suggest making up a sample prior to use on a larger area.

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