While small cracks and expansion joints should be filled with polyurea, larger repairs need a different solution. Isocrete RS is a tailored concrete polishing repair mortar. If an area of floor has been damaged, it can be removed and the Isocrete RS used to make a repair.

Repair Mortar Strength

The repair mortar is ideal for polished concrete floors, as it is fast drying and will achieve a compressive strength of 10 N/mm² in just one hour. This will rise to 40 N/mm² in a day, and reach 60 N/mm² 28 days later. This is an industrial strength product and will stand up to heavy mechanical traffic.

Rapid Cure Times

Isocrete RS is also a low shrinkage repair cement, similar to comparable products such as Cementall. It is also fast drying with a total set time of just 35 minutes. The repair will stand up to foot traffic after a couple of hours. The repair will be polishable after 24 hours. It is suitable for surfaces from featheredge to 100mm deep repairs.

Visual Match

High strength repairs are vital in concrete polishing. Equally important is how the repair looks. Isocrete RS Repair Mortar works with integral colouring powders, so its appearance can be adjusted to closely match the surrounding concrete floor. When using integral colour, it should be added to the water before the Isocrete RS. This creates and even saturation of the colour throughout the mix. The repair mortar will also accept concrete dye and staining products.

This is an example of a repair we carried out ourselves on a damaged concrete expansion joint. This was performed as an example to, show the client how effective repairs would improve the floor.

Concrete Floor in Need of Repair

This was the initial state of the floor. It was an expansion joint which had not been properly filled and had begin to break down under the weight of mechanical traffic.

Repairing Concrete Floor with Isocrete RS

We cut a straight line either side of the damaged area with an angle grinder, then used a chipping hammer to break away the damaged area.

Excavated Concrete Repair

This is how the floor area looked once the excavation was completed. Isocrete will bond far better to a straight edge such as this.

Polishing a Concrete Floor Repair

The Isocrete RS was troweled into the cavity. The customer was not concerned with colour matching, so no integral colour was used.

Concrete Floor Repaired with Isocrete RS

The expansion joint was cut back in after the repair had cured, and a polyurea joint filler was used to seal it. The floor and repair were then polished.

Isocrete RS will rapidly achieve high strength, and it is a polishable product which will fit closely with the aesthetics of a floor. It is important to understand the reason for the damage. Damage to concrete can occur for many reasons, from impact, to structural changes to water damage. Ensure the success of your repairs by eliminating any underlying issues

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