The Husqvarna range of dust extractors has been very important to the rise in concrete polishing. There are few alternative products which can cope with the extremes of silica dust produced in the polishing process. M class dust extractors, and L class dust extractors, do not meet the strict requirements. As mentioned here, silica dust can have devastating effects on respiratory health. Companies worldwide are seeing tightening legislation surrounding concrete dust. This has been spurred on by the increasing evidence of serious illness the construction industry faces.

In 2019 Husqvarna are adding two new dust extractors to the range. The first is the Husqvarna T4000. This is a three phase dust extractor which is ideal for use alongside polishing and grinding machines, such as the PG400, PG450 and PG530. More compact than the other T-class vacuums, this model still delivers impressive suction to cope with concrete polishing. As it runs on three phase power, it is a great partner the 3-phase Husqvarna PG530.

The second product Husqvarna are adding to their range is a wet vac, the W70. This unit runs the same as the reliable W70P, but without the pump action. This makes the Husqvarna W70 a more cost effective option. Normally this slurry vacuum is used with small core drills, power cutter and tile saws. It does provide an effective way to deal with slurry when wet polishing small areas, such as steps or countertops. Concrete slurry is classified as a hazardous substance, in most territories, and needs to be properly disposed of. The Husqvarna W70 is a great option for small scale wet polishing.

Both of these products are due to be launched in 2019. To register your interest, please contact us.

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