The Husqvarna PG820 RC Concrete Grinder and Polisher

The PG820 RC is the largest and most advanced concrete polishing machine in the PG range. With grinding area 820mm in diameter, it is capable of some of the highest production rates in the floor polishing industry. Better still, the remote control function makes the PG820 RC easy to use on even the largest floors.

Operating via remote control means more than directing the machine to more forwards. By controlling the oscillation, the operator can choose the width of the path the PG820 RC will grind. Adjusting the frequency will control how intense the grinding is across the path. The patented Dual Drive technology can also be operated via the remote control.

Dual Drive is possibly the most significant improvement in concrete polishing since its began. It allows the three satellite heads to turn clockwise or counter-clockwise, independent of the main planetary head. Both the planetary and satellite heads have speed settings which can be controlled independently. This allows for precision control over the grinding pattern.

The precision controls and long working periods afforded by the remote control, combined with the wide grinding area, result in exceptional rates of production. The Husqvarna PG820 RC can be used to create a polished concrete floor in any large space. Warehouses, supermarkets, airports, hotels, data centres and similar large spaces are the targets areas for this machine. The wide grinding area means that is will struggle to get into most residential properties.

For proper operation, the PG820 RC needs to be paired with an equally powerful dust extractor, such as the T7500 or T10000. It is also advisable to use a pre-separator with the dust extractor, as it will protect the filters, maintaining full suction for longer.

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