The Husqvarna PG530 Concrete Grinder and Polisher

The PG530 is the first of Husqvarna’s industrial size floor grinders. The 530mm grinding area means that this machine is suitable for grinding almost all sizes of floor. It is ideal for polishing large domestic or commercial areas. It can be used in larger spaces, such as warehouses or hangers, but a larger machine might be a more economical choice in the long run. The PG530 can fit easily through a standard door, but it has the power to both grind and polish large concrete floors.

One of the features which sets the Husqvarna PG530 aside from smaller machines is the option for forward and reverse rotation. Three satellite grinding discs work with the planetary head, rotating either clockwise or counter-clockwise. This can focus the pressure towards either the inner or outer edges of the grinding area. While it does not have the counter rotation options available to the larger PG680 and PG820, this still offers greater control over the polishing process.

Another significant advantage of using the PG530 over a smaller machine is the additional pressure it exerts on the grinding heads; approximately 134kg. This achieves excellent results on even irregular floors, which can cause problems for something like the PG450.

Redi-Lock Tooling

Like all floor polishing machines in the Husqvarna PG range the PG530 uses the Redi-Lock system to fix tooling. This means that tooling can be fixed and removed easily, using nothing more than a hammer. For dust removal a large H-Class dust extractor, such as the T4000, is recommended for use with the PG530. However, a smaller dust extractor, such as the S26, can be used with a camlock adapter. While this is not suitable for every concrete polishing job, it is a substantial saving.

Each machine in the Husqvarna PG range has its place; the PG280 is great for edges, the PG400 is a fantastic grinder etc. The greatest strength of the PG530 is its versatility. It can yield high production rates and deliver high quality floors in almost any space or environment. By investing in a PG530 contractors can be confident that they are ready for any project.

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