The Husqvarna PG450 Concrete Grinder and Polisher

Not every polished concrete floor is a warehouse or even a lobby. Smaller areas require a smaller, more nimble solution. It is still vital to a versatile and reliable floor grinder/polisher. The Husqvarna PG450 fits this description perfectly.  It is a fixed speed triple-head planetary grinder with easy to use controls. The 450mm grinding width means that it can be used in smaller rooms and spaces such as hallways, cupboards and bathrooms.

The PG450 uses the same Redi-Lock segments and polishing pads as the rest of the Husqvarna PG range. There are copper and hiperflex pads available which work with the 450’s grinding heads. This is the smallest true polishing machine available by Husqvarna. This means that the smaller heads rotate at the same time as the plate, creating the friction required to polish concrete floors up to a high shine. While this is a small concrete polishing machine, it can still deliver fantastic results.

The small size also means that the PG450 is easy to transport and store. Contractors who offer limited concrete polishing services as part of their work will find this especially useful. It also comes with standard features such as an hour meter to log working times and an adjustable ergonomic handle to ensure user comfort.

A self-adjusting floating cover with brush list helps to contain concrete dust and particles. It is important to use the PG450 with an H-Class Vacuum, such as the Husqvarna S26, to protect both the site and the user. A dust extraction port is positioned on the rear of the machine, so hoses will not impede the grinding area.

As well as concrete grinding and concrete polishing, the PG450 can be used with Piranha or Sharx segments to remove topical coating such as paint, epoxy or resin industrial flooring. This machine uses 1-phase power, so it is easy and convenient to use in both domestic and industrial environments

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