The PG 400 Ergonomic, Foldable Planetary Grinder

Unlike other machines in the Husqvarna PG range, the PG400 is a single disc dedicated floor grinder. The key advantage this offers is the fast removal of surface material. It can remove topical floor coating such as paint, adhesives or epoxy with speed and efficiency. Removing failing floor coverings rapidly can make a concrete polishing project proceed much faster. Other Husqvarna PG machines use satellite heads, which offer superb polishing. For removing material fast, though, the PG400 is in a class of its own.

Beyond removing topical coatings, the Husqvarna PG400 is also a great tool for grinding concrete. When a floor requires heavy grinding for aggregate exposure, the PG400 is the best solution. The single planetary disc has a grinding width of 400mm, or 16”. While this may not seem like a large area, the disc can hold up to sixteen metal bonded segments. The disc has a single direction rotation and only one speed setting, making it very easy to use. It is not suitable for use in resin or ceramic polishing stages. It is built as a grinding machine, and in that capacity it is extremely effective.

The plate uses the same Redi Lock system as the rest of the Husqvarna PG range. This ensures rapid and easy tooling changes. It also means that it is compatible with both Husqvarna Pirahna and Sharx segments. These are an ideal pairing with the PG400 when a topical coating needs to be removed. Normal metal bonded segments risk melting paint or epoxy, whereas these dedicated removal tools can get rid of them cleanly. Because the PG400 is normally employed to perform heavy grinding, extra weights are available to help increase the pressure on the concrete surface.

Because of the aggressive nature of the floor grinder it is even more important to use correct PPE and an H-Class dust extractor such as the S26. Fortunately, the Husqvarna PG400 is foldable and can be fitted in most large cars or vans, leaving room for a dust extractor and other equipment.

While this is one of the smaller Husqvarna floor grinders, it requires 415v power. This should be factored into any project at the earliest possible stage.

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