While concrete placing is rarely straightforward, placing a slab with an intention to polish it is even more difficult. To achieve the popular rustic-style finish, the slab must be carefully floated and power floated. Fortunately, Husqvarna’s new generation of groundwork tools are available to make smooth work of the process.

Floating concrete is vital to concrete polishing. Firstly, it helps to compact the aggregates in the slab, brining the paste to the surface. Polishing this pastes will result in a rustic-style finish. Secondly, floating will remove ridges, peaks and voids left by the screeding operation. Also, unlike power trowelling, floating concrete should not seal the surface, so water can continue to bleed. This helps avoid the dangers of blistering or delamination. When the concrete has begun to cure, a power trowel will seal the surface of the slab.

Husqvarna Walk Behind Floats

Husqvana’s new range of floats are durable and easy to handle. The BV20 series are single beam floats with a 2m working width. They feature articulated handles, so the user can control the pitch and angle with ease. The beam works comfortably in both directions. A non-corrosive aluminium alloy finish makes the float easy to maintain, and the rigid frame helps eliminate the risk of warping or bending. The range features three Husqvarna floats, the BV20H, which is a manual walk behind float, the BV20E which has the addition of an electric vibrating motor, and the BV20G which has a petrol powered vibrating motor.

For larger concrete slabs, Husqvarna have released the BV30, a walk behind screed which can be fitted with a range of float blades. The blades scale from 1.8m to 4.2m, allowing huge flexibility. A 4-stroke Honda engine vibrates the float blade from end to end, resulting in a uniform flat surface. BV30 blades are sold separately. Users can expand their collection as their needs develop.

Investing in high quality tools gives contractors the opportunity to achieve high quality results. Floating concrete is a key part of the concrete polishing process, and needs to be performed with care and attention. Stray marks or footprints will remain visible when surface polishing takes place. These tools help to make floating into a less strenuous and more manageable task.

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