When searching online for diamond polishing pads, most people find that the internet is awash with cheap, unbranded products. Large online marketplaces will often have sellers offering such pads in bulk, or as part of a kit. In reality these products are not suitable for use in concrete polishing. They can be ineffective as tooling, or worse they can damage the surface of the concrete, undoing hours of hard work.


Multi-Purpose Diamond Polishing Pads

The first warning sign to look out for is diamond polishing pads which are advertised as suitable for granite, marble, stone or concrete polishing. There is no such thing.  Granite polishing pads, for example, are designed to polish very hard surfaces. The pad will need to wear very quickly to expose fresh diamond grit. On abrasive concrete, this pad will wear away very rapidly. Stone polishing machines are also much lighter than concrete polishing machines. A resin polishing pad not designed to work under this weight can break under the pressure of concrete polishing.

Diamond “Coated” Pads

Another problem with cheap diamond pads is that the diamonds are not always integrated within the resin. With diamond polishing pads for concrete, the resin should wear away to reveal new diamonds inside the pad. Many inexpensive alternatives are coated with diamond grit, instead. Once this has worn away all that is left is a block of resin which will fail to polish any surface at all.

Grit Gradation

Incorrectly manufactured pads pose a risk in terms of gradation as well. On a Husqvarna or Boride pad, the gradation is very small, meaning that all the diamonds are within a narrow range. A 30 grit diamond polishing pad will have diamonds 0.029-0.022 of an inch in diameter. Cheaper pads have much higher gradation, so it is not apparent what grit is within the resin. This can be a nightmare for concrete polishing. The presence of a larger diamond risks deep scratches in an otherwise polished surface. In worst case scenarios this can mean beginning the process again across the affected area of floor.

Polishing concrete can be challenging, and the best way to meet these challenges is by selecting the correct concrete polishing pads. Choose only tooling produced by reputable brands and distributed by sellers who you will be able to contact directly if you encounter any problems. If a provider is not willing to back their products, it is likely that there will be trouble ahead.

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