Air voids form when concrete is poured. The most popular, and effective way to remove these voids is by using concrete vibrators. Removing these air voids makes the concrete stronger. It can also be helpful for concrete polishing. When concrete is opened up via grinding, the air voids will be exposed. This disrupts the look of the floor, so they require filling.

Husqvarna SMART Concrete Vibrators

Husqvarna’s new range of SMART Vibrators are ideal for use on site. Any regular single phase wall socket, with appropriate voltage, can be used to power them. Each one has a combined total of 20m length (15m cable and 5m hose) which gives access across a wide area.

The SMART Vibrators have all their electronics held securely in a streamlined aluminium box with an ON/OFF button. Simply insert the vibrator head into the wet concrete and switch on. An LED will alert the user to any problems with the unit. The head should never be dragged through the concrete as this can leave a groove in the surface. It should not take more than thirty seconds of use to settle the concrete and move on to the next section.

Concrete should be vibrated soon after it is poured. The next step is to level the slab with a walk behind float. Most slabs will need finishing with a power trowel, too. Together, these processes combine to give the best possible finish to a newly laid slab. An expert can place a slab to such a high standard that only burnishing and sealing are needed to produce a high quality, visually pleasing floor.

There is a risk when using concrete vibrators that the aggregate in the concrete can be moved and shifted. This would leave a weak spot in the floor. As a result, the aggregate is disturbed and the appearance of Premium Finish floors is affected. Therefore, only an experienced contractor should vibrate the concrete if the aggregate will be exposed.


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