Concrete sealer is a treatment product applied to floors to prevent them surface moisture penetrating the floor. Most concrete damage is caused by liquids being absorbed into the slab’s surface. Often this leads to the moisture freezing and thawing within the concrete. A sealer, such as Husqvarna Hiperguard, will hold liquids at surface level so they can be cleared away quickly.

Concrete sealer cannot make concrete waterproof, just water resistant. It is vital the end user understands the difference. Liquids which are allowed to pool on the surface of the floor will eventually penetrate into the concrete. This will risk damage or staining the floor. High pH liquids, such as vinegar or red wine, can cause permanent staining or etching of the concrete. Any liquids need to be cleaned before they have a chance to absorb into the floor, the end user must understand the risk they are running if they are not.

Husqvarna Hiperguard Protective Sealer for Concrete Polishing 5 Litres





Husqvarna Hiperguard

Concrete sealers work by penetrating the surface and forming a film along the surface of the capillaries. The film increases the floor’s surface tension, restricting the absorption of liquids including oils, fats and water. Husqvarna Hiperguard also enhances the colour of the concrete being sealed. It is a water based product which is safe for use in residential, commercial and industrial environments. If a floor is subjected to heavy use the sealer can be reapplied.

If a floor is going to be subjected to higher levels of moisture, such as a wet room or shower unit, it will need a heavier sealer. Concrete Polishing Equipment does not sell these as standard items, but we can acquire them for customers who need them. If you need more information about concrete floor sealer, please contact us and we will help you to fin d the best solution for your concrete polishing project.

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