We recently sold a customised Large Industrial HIPERFLOOR™ Package to a customer. This concrete polishing machine sale presents an opportunity for Concrete Polishing Equipment to talk about the level of service we offer our clients.

The customer in question owns a large factory where the quality of the flooring was an issue. The concrete had been painted, but foot traffic and the demands of industrial work caused the paint to chip, scratch and wear away. Constantly repainting the floor was an unwanted cost. It also meant repeatedly closing parts of the factory while repainting was carried out.

After investigating various flooring options, polished concrete was selected. Because a polished concrete floor does not include any additional elements being added to the floor, there would not be the same problem with failure over time. This makes it a superior industrial flooring option compared to epoxy or resin floors. Having the floor polished by contractors, however, would pose its own problems. The factory needed to maintain production; shutting down while the floor was polished was not an option.

Working with the client, Concrete Polishing Equipment proposed a solution. By purchasing a large industrial floor polishing machine, as well as the required tooling, they could polish the floor themselves. This allows the floor to be polished in stages, with the client in control of the process.

Industrial Polishing Package

Alongside the sale of the concrete polishing machine, there was also the need for a range of other products. This included a large Husqvarna T7500 Dust Extractor and a C5500 pre separator. These protect both the environment and the operator from concrete and gypsum dust. Metal bond diamond segments, resin polishing pads and floor treatment product were also included with the package.

The industrial package centers around the Husqvarna PG820 RC. This is a large floor polisher, operated via a remote control. The large grinding area and remote function produce exceptional rates of production. As the polishing process needed to be carried out on a large industrial floor, double headed metal bond segments were included in the sale to ensure flatness in the concrete. For the later stages, the concrete polishing rather than grinding, resin diamond pads were included.

Training and Sample

Concrete polishing is a complex process, and the package provided included large scale, industrial floor grinding products. To ensure that the customer understood the process and was comfortable with the machines, we delivered the package ourselves and spent a day with them, demonstrating how to polish an industrial concrete floor.  

The HIPERFLOOR™ process revolves around grinding, densifying, polishing and sealing the floor. For an industrial floor such as this, we only polished the floor to 200 grit. This provided a great finish which was suitable for their premises. During testing, the client found it superior to a competitor system which had polished all the way to 3000 grit. A small area of the floor was polished, with a full demonstration on how to use the PG820 RC. The Redi-Lock system was also shown to the client, so they could fit the metal bond segments, resin pads and burnishing pads.

It was also important to demonstrate the advanced functions of the PG820 RC. It uses Husqvarna’s patented satellite head control system. This allows the small grinding heads to alter speed, compared to the planetary head. It also allows them to rotate in the opposite direction. This process was used while the GM3000 grout was being applied. The GM3000 was sprayed across the floor, then the PG820 RC used 100 grit metal bond segments to run through it. The concrete dust generated by the grinding combines with the GM3000 and fills any pinhole or small aggregate pop-outs.

Ongoing Support

What makes Concrete Polishing Equipment stand out as a market leader is the support we can offer to clients. For large sales such as this, training and demonstrations can be provided. Training is also available at our premises, on specially laid concrete slabs. Furthermore, clients can contact us by phone or email, to ask for advice on tools, machinery and applications. The experience generated from years of polishing concrete floors is what allows us to correctly advise our customers.

We are committed to working with our clients, providing the best tools and machines as well as ongoing support and advice. Anyone interested in discussing a specific project, training or anything else related to concrete polishing equipment with us can contact us here.

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