While the principal focus of our website is to provide equipment for polished concrete floors, there are other types of concrete that can be polished. Countertops or worktops are increasingly of interest in kitchens and utility rooms. They are much cheaper than equivalent marble or stone surfaces, but they can be just as attractive. As the worktops are cast rather than cut, they can fit difficult spaces. This cuts down on waste and further reduces cost.

There are specialist polishers who produce bespoke countertops and sinks. Due to the low entry costs, there has also been an increase in crafting concrete worktops at home. There are a large number of videos online dedicated to concrete casting, and there is little to know special material needed. Casting, however, is only part of the process. To achieve a finish that will sit well in a home, it is vital that the concrete countertop polishing stage is carried out with equal attention.

The way the concrete is cast will alter how it needs to be polished. If the top surface is cast face down in the mould, it should leave flat surface. This approach reduces the polishing needed but runs the risk of air pockets marking the worktop. Any such air bubbles will need to be filled as they would represent a health risk, as well as looking unsightly. The final surface will benefit from a light polishing, until it reaches the desired gloss.

Countertops can also be cast face up. This approach provides greater flexibility for design. It will also leave a much rougher surface which will require the use of a grinding disc to flatten it out. Once it is flat, a concrete hand polishing tool can be used along with 5” resin pads to bring it to a finish.

A countertop polishing package has been added to the store. This contains a concrete hand grinder, construction vacuum and selection of grinding and polishing discs to bring the countertop to a beautiful finish. The countertop will still require sealing, but depending on the proposed use of the surface, traditional floor sealer may not be suitable. Concrete Polishing Equipment is currently testing different concrete sealers to find one which meets the requirements of kitchens and bathrooms. Countertops are not usually treated with densifier or liquid grout, although these are options if there are special requirements.

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