Industrial Concrete Polishing Machine Sale

Concrete Polishing Machine Sale

SHOP NOW We recently sold a customised Large Industrial HIPERFLOOR™ Package to a customer. This concrete polishing machine sale presents an opportunity for Concrete Polishing Equipment to talk about the level of service we offer our clients. The customer in question owns a large factory where the quality of the flooring was an issue. The […]

Husqvarna Power Trowels

Husqvarna Power Trowels

When it comes to the final finishing of a concrete slab, power floating will achieve the best possible results. Using a power trowel will create a hard skin on the surface of the concrete, as well as sealing and smoothing it. A power trowel will not level concrete, though. The hard skin on the surface […]

Husqvarna Concrete Floats

While concrete placing is rarely straightforward, placing a slab with an intention to polish it is even more difficult. To achieve the popular rustic-style finish, the slab must be carefully floated and power floated. Fortunately, Husqvarna’s new generation of groundwork tools are available to make smooth work of the process. Floating concrete is vital to […]

Concrete Sealer

Concrete Sealer

Concrete sealer is a treatment product applied to floors to prevent them surface moisture penetrating the floor. Most concrete damage is caused by liquids being absorbed into the slab’s surface. Often this leads to the moisture freezing and thawing within the concrete. A sealer, such as Husqvarna Hiperguard, will hold liquids at surface level so […]

New Site Dust Extractors for 2019

2019 vacuum units

The Husqvarna range of dust extractors has been very important to the rise in concrete polishing. There are few alternative products which can cope with the extremes of silica dust produced in the polishing process. M class dust extractors, and L class dust extractors, do not meet the strict requirements. As mentioned here, silica dust […]

Concrete Countertop Package

While the principal focus of our website is to provide equipment for polished concrete floors, there are other types of concrete that can be polished. Countertops or worktops are increasingly of interest in kitchens and utility rooms. They are much cheaper than equivalent marble or stone surfaces, but they can be just as attractive. As […]

Husqvarna Diamond Grinding Segments

Diamond Grinding Segments

Grinding concrete is the first stage of the concrete polishing process. Grinding removes minor height variations and imperfections, creating a flat surface which can be polished. Husqvarna diamond grinding segments are manufactured to do precisely this. The deeper the grinding needs to be, the longer it will take. It produces a great deal of dust […]

Concrete Polishing Details

edges and details

The majority of the work, in concrete polishing, is performed with an upright floor polisher. This will cover both the grinding and polishing, provided that the correct tooling is used. Small areas, such as steps, corners and architectural details make up a much smaller percentage of the floor. It is these more delicate areas, however, […]

How Cheap Diamond Polishing Pads Can Damage Concrete Floors


When searching online for diamond polishing pads, most people find that the internet is awash with cheap, unbranded products. Large online marketplaces will often have sellers offering such pads in bulk, or as part of a kit. In reality these products are not suitable for use in concrete polishing. They can be ineffective as tooling, […]

Concrete and Silica Dust in Concrete Polishing

Silica Dust

Polishing or grinding a concrete slab will result in dust being produced. This dust poses a risk to health and needs to be managed. Concrete dust contains high levels of RCS (respirable crystalline silica). This silica dust is associated with silicosis, a serious respiratory disease. Silicosis causes breathing difficulties and increases the risk of lung […]