Steel mesh, sometimes known as rebar, is used to reinforce concrete, giving additional strength to the slab and helping to resist cracking. It is widely used and familiar to anyone who works with concrete. It is also heavy, difficult to handle, susceptible to corrosion and awkward to store. No one likes using steel mesh, but concrete needs to be reinforced if it is going to carry heavy loads.

Fortunately, there is now an alternative to steel reinforcement mesh. Basalt mesh can be used in its place, and it is superior in just about every way. The first thing contractors notice when laying basalt mesh is how much lighter and easier it is to handle than steel. A single contractor can carry a roll of basalt mesh. It unrolls and lays flat as basalt lacks the structural memory of metals. It can be cut to length using a pair of pliers, unlike steel mesh which requires bolt croppers or an angle grinder.

The Benefits of Basalt over Steel Mesh

Basalt Mesh and Screed

Another major benefit is that basalt mesh is not susceptible to corrosion. Steel mesh must be totally covered in concrete to avoid this, basalt mesh does not. This is extremely useful when shotcreting. There is also less risk when storing for long periods.

Basalt Mesh Roll

Basalt’s alkaline resistance is far superior to any comparable product. Forty times less CO² is produced in it’s manufacture. Any waste can be disposed of easily as it is not a hazardous substance. If contractors want to cut the mesh using a grinding tool dust particles generated will be large. These do not class as a particulate risk.

This is a product that can improve the construction industry’s working practises for the better. By exchanging traditional steel reinforcement mesh, contractors can reduce labour costs, transport costs and storage costs. The minimal handling and tooling required also make this a safer material to work with. At the same times, using basalt instead of steel reduces carbon footprint and overall environmental impact. For more information on Basalt Mesh, please contact us.

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